Car Wash Prices

Car wash price lists are often disappointing for many people and therefore they lead to customers using the self-car wash option. Either the quality of the service is too pricey or the deals don't include comprehensive cleaning and detailing services. Smashing the car wash prices is Refresh. They are affordable and they charge nothing extra for them to come to you, so why wouldn't you choose Refresh? Their services include complete interior and exterior cleaning and detailing. They do their best to make your car look like new, quality is something they never compromise on. Refresh has an experienced and well trained team that you can be certain will threat your car like their own. Forget tho

Uber App Perth

Uber app Perth, a common search for customers looking for the best car cleaners and detailers that deliver the service straight to you? Yes, we do that at Refresh. Just like the Uber app, the Refresh app eliminates the daunting task of waiting in a queue. Or worse, a car wash queue on a Sunday morning! Stop getting bored waiting in line for a car cleaner to be available, and download our mobile app! Refresh is the Uber of Car Detailing providing superior service and paying attention to every detail of your car every time. All you need to do is download our app and make a booking! Our team will ring your doorbell at the earliest possible time that suits you. Unlock your car, sit back and enjo

McDonalds Canning Vale

McDonalds Canning Vale is one of the locations we service. If you need car cleaning and detailing services in the vicinity of McDonalds Canning Vale then you can book our services. We offer affordable deals which include comprehensive interior and exterior cleaning and detailing. Our staff is well trained, we use only the best products available in Australia and we don’t only save your time, energy and money but we have plenty of experience, we clean all cars, SUVs and four-wheel drives without a problem. We work seven days a week, you can book our car cleaning and detailing services anytime and anywhere around McDonalds Canning Vale, per your convenience. Book now via our website or the mob

Car Service Canning Vale

Car servicing in Canning Vale is one of the most common searches by car owners who live in the area. Finding affordable and quality car cleaners that cater to the Canning Vale area is difficult, to find a good car cleaning service that comes to you in the Canning Vale area was quite the task until now. With Refresh delivering mobile car cleaning and detailing services across 226 suburbs in WA, your search can stop here. Simply download our app or make a booking online and our team will reach you at the earliest time that is convenient to you. We only use eco-friendly quality products and we bring all our own equipment including portable lights and water supplies. We will ensure that you have

Kewdale Perth

Kewdale Perth is a suburban area where it can be difficult to find a reliable professional car cleaner and detailer, but you don’t need to search any longer. Refresh not only delivers detailing services across Perth, Refresh details cars in over 226 suburbs in WA. Kewdale Perth is an area our Refreshers love to service and we are able to come to you for an affordable price. We do not charge anything extra for travel and for providing services in the Kewdale area, we never go above our standard rate of $69 for a sedan and $79 for an SUV. We will reach you at a time that suits your schedule! You don't even have to leave the comfort of your house. Also, we bring our own supplies including water

VIC Park Cafes

VIC Park Cafes is one of the many cafes Refresh provides mobile car detailing, seven days a week. Refresh has a team of professionals that come to you! They are ready to fit in with your daily routine, including cleaning your car while your sipping coffee and having a business meeting at your local cafe. They provide comprehensive cleaning and detailing to make sure your car has that new car feeling all year round, Refresh even bring their own supplies including power and water! They arrive on time and prepared as their detailers are fully self efficient. VIC Park cafes are easily reachable for Refresh and since they require nothing more than an unlocked car to clean and detail, you can sit

Car Cleaner

Car cleaner and detailing services anywhere, anytime across Perth! We work seven days a week and we can reach you when it suits you at your convenience. We are a professional car cleaner company with plenty of experience to offer every car owner looking for quality and reliability, with a strong work ethic and car refreshers available we are everything your car needs and ready when you are. Our deals are comprehensive and affordable, We are certified by The Water Corporation and we only use eco-friendly methods for car cleaning! For a car cleaner service that comes to you, trust Refresh to meet all your car cleaner needs. We will have your car looking like new! You can make a booking online

Self Car Wash Perth

No need to search for a Self Car Wash Perth anymore! Why do people choose a self car wash Perth in the first place? It is because professional car cleaners tend to be expensive and cheap detailers are generally not trusted with your automobile. Instead of choosing the time-consuming option, why not sit back, relax and let the professionals do their best at making your car look brand new for rates as affordable as you imagined? Our staff is very well trained, we can get to you anywhere in Perth and we offer the most affordable car wash deals. Forget about self car wash Perth options and trust our name, we have earned over two hundred reviews and we are ready to be your car cleaner. Book Onlin

Best Car Wash Products

The Best Car Wash products for your car, is our Promise! Refresh provides affordable car cleaning and detailing services across Western Australia, and we want all our customers to know quality is something we never compromise on. Our customer's happiness is always our top priority, we save you time and money, while we provide a five star, water wise service every time straight to your door. We always use quality equipment, professional staff and we only use the best car wash products available. We opt for an eco-friendly car wash, using a minimum amount of water and top quality equipment every time. Our clients are everything to us, we can reach you anywhere in Perth and we are affordable,

Car Wash Franchise

When you choose to take your car to a Car Wash Franchise, you always travel to them! You always need to be prepared with a pre arranged lift or have time to wait..... Why wait for someone to be available to clean your car, when you can have the car detailer come to you! Refresh Mobile Car Detailing is very different to your local Car Wash Franchise, they provide top quality car cleaning and detailing services for an affordable price, and the best bit they travel to you for no extra cost. Choose Refresh because of their high standards and eminent level of customer satisfaction, Refresh is the best car wash choice for every car owner looking for quality. Have your car detailed for you in over

Car Detailing Near Me

Car detailing near me, is that what you have been searching for? Looking for a professional car detailer in your area who might have a comfortable café where you could wait? What if we told you, you can forget about searching for a car detailer near you? Why not book a car detailer that comes to you? For no extra cost! Let the car detailers reach you in the comfort of your own home?! Yes, we mean it. Refresh is your Uber car detailer. Our team of professional car detailers will come to you anywhere in and around the City of Perth. At Refresh we even bring all our own equipment! All we need from you is your car to be unlocked and we are ready to go. Call us on 1300 593 098 or book instantly o

Cheap Car Wash

Do you require a Cheap Car Wash service in the City of Perth? Perth we have heard you! Refresh is here to detail your car when it suits you at an affordable price. Refresh provides West Aussie's with the most efficient car cleaning and detailing service in Australia. We arrive fully equipped with our own power and water, all we need from you is for your car to be unlocked, then let us begin to give your car that Refreshed feeling you have been anticipating. Book instantly through our website or mobile app and leave the rest to our team of professionals. You can't beat the Refresh price and the peace of mind, We provide cheap car wash services across the city of Perth, including more than 226

Eco Car Wash

Eco car wash is the choice Refresh makes as it works to deliver the best quality car cleaning and detail services right to your doorstep. We understand our responsibility towards the environment and we intend to play our role and put our best foot forward. For this very reason, we opt for an Eco Car Wash, applying only 1 cup of water and using rechargeable batteries, which work on low power consumption. Saving five million litres of water this year alone is something that we are very proud of. Refresh is the only car detailer in WA that are approved by The Water Corporation. We prioritise the best interests of our clients as well as Mother Nature, and that’s why we offer the best quality Eco

What is Car Detailing?

What is Car Detailing? A question you may ask if you take pride in your vehicle. Car detailing is a complete clean of your car, a car clean that exceeds the original condition of the surface of the car's finish, including but not limited to chrome trim, windows, wheels, and tires, as well as other visible components on a vehicle's exterior leaving your vehicle looking and smelling like new. Why is it important to understand what car detailing is? It is significant because our vehicles aren’t built how they used to be, also the pollution levels that deteriorate the vehicles are now very high. Which leaves us needing intensive car care solutions. Car detailing requires skills and special equi

Valet Vacuum

Valet Vacuum Car Cleaning and Car detailing Perth WA services include a comprehensive interior vacuum of your SUV, Car or Jeep. At Refresh we believe in providing the best customer service combined with the finest mobile car detail for an affordable price, therefore we only use the best products and staff available. Our Valet vacuum system is highly renowned and delivers our Refresh top quality performance every time. Your car will be as good as new once it's been vacuumed by our highly professional staff at Refresh, we come fully equipped every time with everything we need including the Valet vacuum system to ensure that new car feeling. At Refresh we do not charge for travel and we do not

Range Rover Perth

At Refresh we love car detailing! And we love treating all of our Range Rover Perth customers to that new car feeling. New or used, here at Refresh we are ready to take full responsibility for your Car’s care. For a full Range Rover clean you are simply looking at a cost of $79 when you book with Refresh. And the best part is, we come to you! We service over 266 suburbs in and around Perth while offering great quality at an affordable price. You can definitely trust us with your Range Rover Perth detail, We understand your needs as well as apprehensions about getting your car cleaned but you can rely on us here at Refresh to provide the most economical yet quality service. We have plenty of

Osborne Park VW

You've heard Osborne Park VW provides car detailing and car wash facilities, but have you heard about Refresh? The affordable car detail that comes to you! The Refresh difference means no more worry around how you will spend your day carless, or how much that new car feeling will cost you. We provide an extensive set of cleaning and detailing services for Osborne Park VW vehicles, for new as well as used cars. Our services include a carwash and wax, complete interior clean, vacuum, and exterior detail. What have you got to lose! Our prices are affordable and you can feel safe knowing we only use premium car detailing products. The best part is you don’t even need to drive to us, our team is

McDonalds Joondalup

We can come to you at McDonalds Joondalup! Why not enjoy a Happy Meal and a Shop while Refresh treats your car to a full interior and exterior clean? Thats right, we come to you! We are fully equipped and ready to give your car the best clean its ever seen. Refresh provides the most affordable and reliable car cleaning and detailing services across Perth. You don’t have to take time out of your busy day or spend big money to experience a quality carwash. Refresh comes to you! We have your car cleaning covered including at the McDonalds Joondalup, we will arrive with a team of detailing professionals that are all ready and fully equipped to tackle your car. Save your time and money and choose

Jobs in Perth

Jobs in Perth! Is what we love to see, employing locals and supporting local car detailers, here at Refresh we love offering your friends and family fantastic job opportunities with flexibility. Do you love cars? Do you have the required knowledge and car cleaning experience that could bring value to our Refresh team? Refresh provides mobile car detailing services across the city of Perth, no need to search for jobs in Perth anymore, join our team of professionals. We are known for providing top quality carwash and detailing services across Western Australian and we value our hard working team for always being reliable and professional and helping us grow Refresh to what it is today. Be a pa

Jeep Wangara Car Cleaning

Jeep Wangara Car Cleaning is all about making the customer work for them, but here in Perth we consider ourselves very lucky because Refresh includes Wangara in its service area and that means our Refresh car detailers come to you. All you have to do is download our mobile app or make a booking online and leave the rest to us, we will have your car looking like new in no time. Our professional staff here at Refresh will ensure you are blown away each and every time, your car is our passion and we love servicing the Jeep Wangara car cleaning area. We bring our own equipment, water and electricity to every car detail and our price is the most affordable car detailing price that you can find fo

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