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Effective 1st February 2020

Abbreviations Used in Terms & Conditions:

“Refresh Request” – The purchase of a Mobile Car Detail via the Refresh App.

“Refresh” – A Mobile Car Detail Service

“Refresher” – Anyone acting on behalf or for Refresh Valet PTY LTD performing a Refresh

“Refresh Valet” – Refresh Valet PTY LTD

“You” – Client engaged in these terms and conditions


1. Engagement of Services

a) Refresh Valet uses reasonable efforts to ensure that the Refresh will be provided in a professional and satisfactory manner. You understand and agree, however, that Refresh does not guarantee that your car detail will be performed to your satisfaction, that it will meet your needs, or that it will meet any applicable industry or professional standards.

b) If you choose to Request a Refresh, then you must:

(1) Verify the location of your vehicle before submitting a Refresh Request; (2) ensure that the Refresh Valet’s Services are available in your location; (3) leave your vehicle in a public location where a Refresher authorised to enter and perform the Refresh; (4) ensure that there is at least a 50cm perimeter around all sides of your car to allow Refresher to Refresh your Vehicle; (5) ensure that there are the appropriate funds on your credit card to pay the amount presented on your confirmation screen or have cash ready; (6) Remove any personal and/or bulky items and/or carseats and/or open any compartments and/or seats in preparation for the Refresh. Vehicles not prepared may not receive a thorough detail if your Refresher doesn't have full and unobstructed access to your vehicle. (7) understand traffic and delays from other jobs may cause arrival delays of up to 25-30mins. (8) understand you always need to allow a 2h window from your booked time for us to complete your Refresh.

c) Failure to adhere to your obligations in these Terms & Conditions may result in our inability to provide you with a Refresh.

d) Any complaints 

2. Billing Policy

a) If you request a Refresh through our app you agree to pay the amount presented on your confirmation screen.

b) Refresh may add new services or amend fees and charges for existing services from time to time at their sole discretion.

c) The Refresher will bill your credit card once your Refresh is complete.

d) Refresh reserves the right to charge extra for: i) above average soiled vehicles inc $15 for pet hair, bugs, sand or general heavy soilage ii) 8+ seater vans/family vans booked as SUV/4WD.

e) Any outstanding charges will incur a 30% debt collection cost.


3. Cancellations

a) You may cancel or postpone your Refresh free of charge unless:

i) The Refresher is en-route or has arrived - there is no refund.

ii) It's less than 3 hours until your booking - you'll be billed a $20 cancellation/postponing fee.

ii) The time is after 10pm and you have a 7am booking the following morning- you will be billed a $44 cancellation/postponing fee.

b) Refresh reserves the right to restrict access to our service if multiple cancellations occur.

c) On-Demand jobs can be cancelled anytime unless the Refresher is en-route - you will be billed a $20 cancellation fee.

4. Damage & Missing Goods Policy

a) You hereby acknowledge and agree that in no event will Refresh Valet and/or any Refresher be liable to you or any third party for any actual or alleged damages arising out of or related to your Refresh including, without limitation, actual or alleged damages to your vehicle resulting from a Refresh performed by a Refresher or Refresh Valet.

b) You understand that it is your responsibility to remove all valuables from your vehicle before a Refresher arrives to detail your car.

c) You understand that you should exercise reasonable judgment in locking your car doors before leaving your vehicle unattended in a public location.

d) You understand that Air fresheners are supplied complimentary and are made to be hung on the rear vision mirror. If they are moved from this location and placed against other surfaces, Refresh Valet accepts no liability for any alleged damages arising from this.

e) You understand that your vehicle battery power will be used when doors are opened to clean your vehicle. A good condition battery will easily accomodate for this small extra use of power and Refresh Valet accepts no liability for flat batteries and/or other inconveniences, damages, and costs resulting arising from accidentally or intentionally during the course of the detail, activating a light, or other sources which may use battery power.

f) You understand that due care is used when cleaning your windscreen. From time to time rear vision mirrors and the plastic surrounding them have weak glue holding them in place that causes them to fail. Refresh Valet accepts no liability for repair or replacement of such mirrors, cost or inconvenience that arises from this.

g) You hereby acknowledge and agree that in no event will Refresh Valet be liable to you or any third party for any alleged or actual losses resulting directly or indirectly from a Refresh performed by a Refresher or Refresh Valet and/or your failure to adhere to your obligations under this Agreement.

5. Common Problems that aren’t covered by a Refresh

a) Common problems that aren’t covered by a standard refresh include but aren’t limited to: Bore water stains on windows, wheels and/or paintwork; Cracked, faded and/or damaged paintwork; Faded headlights; Brake dust stains on rims; Rail dust; Paint overspray; Stains on seats; Bugs etched into the clear coat; Scratches & swirl marks on paintwork; Saliva stains from animals; Soiled and/or scratched ute trays; Red dust stains or build up; Dried compound on paintwork or trim from machine polishing.

b) Older and/or work vehicles that have rarely been cleaned and poorly maintained to date.

6. Soliciting Refreshers Directly

a) You may not solicit or persuade anyone working on behalf or for Refresh Valet to engage in business directly outside of the Refresh App thus ceasing or reducing the amount of business you would normally do with Refresh Valet directly. The lifetime client value will be sought from the Refresher.

b) If paying by card or cash in person for the full or partial amount, you must ensure it is only paid through the Refresh POS system so a receipt can be issued. The Refresh POS system is in the Refreshers iOS/Android app and you'll the Refresh POS logo at the top of the screen to verify your payment is secure.

c) If you want to request a new Refresh you must do this through the app, by calling 1300 593 098 or through on our online booking portal, not directly with a Refresher.


7. Tipping

a) You may voluntarily tip a Refresher in cash or card providing the full amount for the original Refresh has been successfully paid through the app or through Refresh POS.

8. Promo Codes & Credit

a) Credit will be applied to your account after your promo code has been redeemed by a paying customer during a successful transaction.

b) Credit cannot be redeemed for cash.

Refresh Terms & Conditions

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