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Will the Rain Wash my Car?

As professional car detailers we see a wide range of vehicles on a daily basis. Winter is here and there are a few myths surrounding rain & winter that everyone should know about!

Myth 1: "Won't the rain wash my car?" 🤔 Myth 2: "Can't I wait a few weeks until the rain clears?"🤔 If you want to extend your vehicle's life and re-sell value, the answer is no! Delaying washes reduces the amount of wax on your car. What's wax? Wax is the magic we use on the outside of your car when you book a Refresh! This wax protects your car by beading off rain, protecting the paint from grime, and repelling the sun's harmful UV rays! ☀ Contaminants from wet weather stick to your paintwork which bake into your paint when the sun comes out. Our Refresh Wax protects your paintwork by repelling dirt and grime in wet conditions, preventing grime from sticking to your car to begin with! Conclusion: Regular vehicle washing & detailing is required in all year round. Especially in winter! Not to mention... the rain won't detail your interior, wheels and windows 😎 Take advantage of our industry leading service and support your local Perth Startup... From Alkimos to Secret Harbour, at your home or work, Refresh will keep you looking good!

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Refresh Scooter CBD Detailing

Pic: Perth CBD Car Cleaning - Refresh Metro Scooter

Refresh Holden Promo Ute

Pic: Refresh Holden Promo Ute

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Jun 05

What a great read! Thanks for debunking those myths. Regular washes, especially in winter, are essential to protect your car’s paint and value. Love the reminder that rain won’t detail the interior, wheels, or windows! Refresh's services sound perfect for keeping cars in top shape all year round.

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