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Car Wash Franchise

When you choose to take your car to a Car Wash Franchise, you always travel to them! You always need to be prepared with a pre arranged lift or have time to wait..... Why wait for someone to be available to clean your car, when you can have the car detailer come to you!

Refresh Mobile Car Detailing is very different to your local Car Wash Franchise, they provide top quality car cleaning and detailing services for an affordable price, and the best bit they travel to you for no extra cost.

Choose Refresh because of their high standards and eminent level of customer satisfaction, Refresh is the best car wash choice for every car owner looking for quality. Have your car detailed for you in over 226 suburbs across Western Australia.

An exceptional team of Refreshers are waiting to clean your car, receive discount codes when you book again within 6 weeks, saving you even more! Proving once again Refresh is out to impress, become a regular customer and save today!

Top quality products ensure long-term results. You can sit back and relax!

Refresh next time your car needs a detail and don't wait any longer at your local car wash franchise, skip the queue.

They are there for your car seven days a week.

You can make a Booking Online or via the Mobile app!

Pic: V8 Ute Car Wash

V8 Car wash


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