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Eco-Friendly Car Washing & Detailing

Washing your car with a hose and sponge was developed back in the early 1900's when Henry Ford was around. With limited resources, cars were washed very similar to how they still are today.

Fast forward one hundred years and bio chemists have developed synthetic carwash formulas that perform far better than natural and conventional products we all grew up using.

It's very surprising that Australia doesn't have a better water plan for regular car detailing and car washing considering we are one of the driest countries yet one of the biggest consumers of water.

When washing your car with a hose, we see up to 200 litres of water wasted. All that water is often full of harmful chemicals, ending up on the ground washed into storm water drains, local water supplies and swimming spots.

What if there was a better way?

Will a car engine run on water? No... that's because water isn't a lubricant. Same goes for your car's paintwork - water isn't a lubricant.

For most of us city slickers in Perth & Melbourne, try hosing or pressure washing your car down, then letting it dry. You'll notice that water in itself will not clean your car & the dirt & grime is still there.

The water you've just sprayed on your car is now on the ground, and the little water that's left on your car (if the sun doesn't dry it out fast), is just water, and water isn't a lubricant... BUT! A number of special car detailing spray wash & waxes are!

Products like our Refresh Wash & Wax and others like Meguiars Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere are formulated with special synthetic polymer lubricants that allow you to safely capsulate and lift the dirt away from your car.

Yes, lift the dirt away with a microfibre cloth... Scrubbing your car the traditional way with water and a sponge to get the dirt loose is unnecessary as it smears dirt around and into your paint thus scratching it.

Ever used a brush from the carwash on your car?

You guessed it, it has scratched your car.

Every seen a carwash using a dirty bucket of water on your car?

You guessed it, it has scratched your car.

By choosing a high quality 20/80 or 30/70 blend 400+ GSM Microfibre cloth, using the right technique, and with a high quality spray wash & wax, it will safely lift the dirt away.

Spray Hose

175 Litres

Automatic Carwash

125 Litres


0.5 Litres

Why aren't all cars washed like this?

Cost. The best car cleaning products are expensive. The average bottle of this spray on wash & wax costs $50 per litre.

Pair the Wash & Wax with the required microfibre cloths at $12+ each, and it becomes a tad more expensive than a 50 cent bucket and sponge from Bunnings!

These methods can be more labour intensive as the technique to get a scratch free finish takes longer than firing it through a hand carwash wash bay with 10 people armed with sponges and brooms.

When is this method not used?

Harrison (Director of Refresh) recently drove his black VF SSV Holden Ute 3500km across the Nullarbor from Perth to Melbourne. His ute accumulated far more road grime than the average city slicker would ever let their car amount to.


To test out our Refresh Spray on Wash & Wax vs water in an extreme situation, he only pressure washed half the car at a self service Port Melbourne Carwash. You guessed it, the car was no cleaner. However, the side that was pressure washed left nasty hard water stains that can cause swirl marks in the paintwork when shammied dry.


The Refresh Wash & Wax was then used to safely bring the car back to pristine condition.

If the car was covered in thick mud, or red dirt, or a super thick layer of dirt that has accumulated over a long time, then we would recommend the car is rinsed off first before we arrive as our car detailing service isn't designed for this kind of work.

What are other benefits of this method?

Water spots and drips when you drive away are now a thing of the past.

No overspray on other vehicles from pressure washers.

No dangerous hoses and cords to trip over 

No access to power or water required = less setup time = cost savings for you.

Advanced Wash & Wax Polymers also:

-Protect the surface from UV.

-Repel dirt and grime for longer.

-Beads water from the surface keeping it cleaner after it rains.

How else is Refresh Eco-Friendly?

Refresh makes it easy for you to support an eco-friendly service

Most mobile detailers require you to supply a water source,  power, ample room and light. Refresh needs none of the above.

We just need you to unlock your car.

Rechargeable battery powered vacuums

Rechargeable battery powered lights

Zero consumables - we wash all our cloths and never use anything disposable.

Yes, our products cost us more, but Refresh supports a sustainable environment, a safer work environment & better protection for your car.





No Power Required

No Water Required


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