How To Detail A Car?

How to detail a car? Is that the question that you just googled? You must have realised that car detailing is nothing like a normal car wash. It is a complete car over haul, every tiny detail is taken into account, from the boot jamb to the steering column and everything else in between. For a superior car detail you need special equipment, skill and knowledge of how to detail a car and how to do it without causing any damage to the vehicle itself. Save your time, energy and money and order a Refresh. We provide affordable car detailing and have a passionate team that knows how to detail a car the right way. Download our app today or make an instant booking online! Pic: Audi A4 Car Detail 😄

Ellenbrook Shops Opening Hours

Ellenbrook Shops opening hours offer an amazing opportunity for the busy people who find it hard to get their cars attended to during the weekends. A premium car wax, interior vacuum, shiny wheels whatever the requirement is, we can fulfil it with an excellent team of professionals. Travel is not an issue for us, we won’t charge you for driving out to attend to your car during the Ellenbrook Shops opening hours either. You may call us or make a booking, online or use our efficient mobile app. We understand how time is money so you can count on us for a quality car clean and detail service during the Ellenbrook Shops opening hours. Pic: ☀️Stick to what you do best & let us do the same 😊🏄🏼�

Cockburn Gateway Shops

The Cockburn Gateway Shops is the perfect option if you need to get your car cleaned and detailed. Don’t disrupt your schedule, get the Refresh professionals to come to you. Refresh provides mobile car cleaning and detailing services at the Cockburn Gateway shops. You can make a booking online or via our mobile app. We bring everything we need to complete your car detail, we are happy to deal with the underground car parks and more importantly, we know what we do and we are passionate. You can sit back and do your work while we do ours. We will make sure you get the most affordable and the top-quality car cleaning service, we look forward to cleaning your car at the Cockburn Gateway shops so

Car Wax

Our Car Wax service at Refresh stands out compared to all other car cleaning services in and around Western Australia. We understand your car is valuable and needs to be protected against water, dust and other deteriorating pollutants. At Refresh, we offer flawless services and we make sure that we use the best car wax products available today. Our staff is well trained for all kinds of car detailing including waxing. You can do away with your worries, our team is experienced and has a great service record. We always make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied. For a great quality and lasting car wax, trust Refresh! Pic: $79 detail or $369 detail!? You decide! Instagram: Fa

Home Car Detailing

The biggest benefit of calling Refresh Mobile Car Detailing is that we come to you, instead of you coming to us! Treating your car to a professional hand detail is the most effective way to make sure your car stays looking it’s best and maintains it’s retail value. When you’re wanting to sell your car you won’t have to spend hours trying to secure a booking at the car wash to get it back to showroom standards. Here at Refresh, we can save your time and money and get the job done for you while you sit back and relax! You won’t be disappointed! From just $69 (+$10 SUV/4WD) we can get your car back to looking it’s absolute best before handing it over to it’s new owner. Just pick up your phone a

Car Wash at Westfield Innaloo

Car wash at Westfield Innaloo is probably the most premium way to clean your car on the go. If by any chance, you are at Westfield Innaloo and if you are wondering if there are any hand car washes around, then Refresh Valet has got your back! At Refresh Valet, we believe in providing a stellar service, which includes having your car cleaned at a time and a place that suits you! It allows the visitors of Westfield Innaloo to easily access our hand car wash service at the lowest possible rate. We use the highest quality products that will be gentle but effective on your cars paintwork. All of our car wash services include high tech and quality equipment, although we don’t forget our old friend

Car Cleaning at Westfield Carousel

Car detailing is a kind of service that you always want to be done by a professional. We know you love your car and only want the best hand car wash for it! But with your busy schedule, sometimes it’s hard to find the time to do it. When you are at Westfield Carousel, shopping for your family, isn’t it the perfect time to have a car cleaned? Refresh Valet will make sure that every corner and nook of your car receives the required treatment to ensure a shine that won’t go unnoticed. We only use the best techniques and all the equipment that we use are certified by relevant authorities. We bring everything we will need along with us, so you don’t have to worry! Just book a car cleaning service

Car Wash Cafe

Why look for a Car Wash Café when you can have the professionals right at your doorstep, with the best suppliers and over 200 five star reviews you can count on? No Car Wash Café can even compare! Get the best car detail in Perth while sitting in your living room no more waiting at a Car Wash café, simply download the app and make a booking. Our team will be at your doorstep at the most convenient time that suits you. With your local refreshers at work, you don’t need a Car Wash Café, get the app today! Pic: Wondering how her car became that shiny!? Instagram: Facebook:

Car Cleaning At Home

Having your car professionally hand detailed at home? Well! Car cleaning at home may be one of the best things you invest in for the overall maintenance and care of your car. No matter how many times you ask your children not to bring any kind of food or drink into the car, messes still happen! Mobile Car Cleaning by Refresh Car Detailing brings the services you need to your doorstep with a few easy clicks on your app or a quick call. We come ready with all the equipment we will need to take care of everything from making the outside sparkle to vacuuming away all those pesky crumbs! This is the best way to make sure your car remains clean at all times. Just pick up your phone and dial 1300 5

Car Cleaning at Midland Gate.

Getting your car hand cleaned by professionals while you shop must take a massive weight off your shoulders! Midland Gate is a great place for shopping, no doubt, and now there is an added bonus. Now you can easily hand over your keys along with your dirty car to us at Refresh Valet at Midland Gate for the best mobile car detailing experience. Our expert service will make your car looks brand new! With a perfect dilution ratio, Refresh always tries to reduce the use of chemicals. So, when we are cleaning your car, we are ensuring harmful chemicals do not come into contact with it as well as you and your passengers travelling in your car. With an organised, advanced set of the best car washin

Car Wash at Innaloo Shopping Centre

Do you find yourself struggling to find time to take your car to the car wash after a busy weekend with kids? Maybe your car is covered in sand after a family day out at the beach or maybe it’s muddy paw prints that are causing your interior to look a bit tired and un-loved? Don’t worry about it; we’ve got you covered! Heading to Innaloo Shopping centre for your weekly grocery’s before the kids head back to school? Great! We can now detail your car while you shop. Just hand over your keys and your dirty car to Refresh Mobile Car Detailing and we will do the rest. We will bring our own power and water so you really don’t have to worry about a thing, just make sure you remember your shopping l

Car Wash For Uber Cars

Having a clean car is a must when you’re an Uber driver. Constantly being on the road can take a toll on your car, inside and out! At Refresh, not only do we give your car the extra attention it needs to ensure your passengers have the best journey, we also offer the added bonus of having your car refreshed at a time and place that suits you! With an Uber car that’s gleaming from the inside out, it’s guaranteed your client satisfaction will go through the roof, and with good reason too! Refresh Car Detailing is offering Uber drivers attractive loyal client discounts and the best service. No matter what the weather is like outside, no matter how dirty you car is, we are ready to dive in and g

Car Wash at Galleria Morley

A car wash isn’t the easiest job to do on your own. Aside from that, it can be costly and also takes up a lot of your spare time that could be better spent elsewhere. So here at Refresh we want to give you one less thing to worry about. Park up at Galleria Shopping Centre, Morley, and we will take care of your dirty car while you shop making sure you drive home with a smile on your face! The best way we like to guarantee the perfect glistening shine when washing your car is to use the highest quality modern equipment and techniques. Using the same old sponge and water just isn’t enough! That’s why we, at Refresh Mobile Car Detailing, only use highly advanced car wash formulas in the most ef

Best Car Cleaning Service at Cockburn Gateway

Car Cleaning is a must to keep your car in the perfect shape, inside and out! Every wash should include a touch of TLC, and only then will your beloved car have that desired shine. When you are in the Cockburn Gateway area and in need of a car cleaning service then Refresh Valet is here for you from Monday to Sunday! No matter rain or shine, your car will smile with you. Just book in with Refresh and we will come to you for a complete car detailing service that includes a full exterior hand wash and wax and much more! Don’t waste your weekend away in line at the car wash, book Refresh Mobile Car Detailing and you’ll save time and money! Now please let us tell you how we stand out from the cr

Car Detailing Tapping

Car Detailing Tapping $69 deal is no less than a blessing for the residents around Tapping. Taking the car out for a long drive or a trip may end up in a dusty, tired exterior and if it is a family trip, the interior is definitely going to need some professional detailing attention. Whenever and wherever you need our car detailers to attend to your vehicle, the best car detail in Perth is here… and you will love it when you choose our car detailing Tapping $69 deal. The services include the highest standard of leather and interior cleaning, dash dressing, mirror and glass cleaning, hand washing and waxing, amongst a long list of inclusions that can be found on our website

Auto Detailing Perth WA

Auto Detailing Perth WA services are the best way to ensure your vehicle is maintained thoroughly and effectively by ensuring the appearance and integrity is looked after by professionals and the finest auto detailing Perth equipment. Just as you invest in keeping yourself in a good shape and treating yourself, you need to care for your car in the same way! Auto Detailing Perth WA stands out from the crowd in terms of quality, standard and speed. Looking for wax with UV protectant to protect your paintwork? Here at Auto Detailing Perth WA UV protectant is included free in all our Wax! A general tip….. do not hesitate to spend some time and ask about specific features of our services as you w

Car Detailing Prices

Car detailing prices across Perth have reduced over the years but the quality has only been increasing. Generally, the trend is that the low prices result in compromised quality but that is not the case with car detailing prices in Perth, the standards have just kept rising with the passage of time. The main reason for this is the use of new and improved high-tech car detailing techniques and a huge investment in the detailing and cleaning equipment. Car detailing prices have been reduced in Perth mainly due to the introduction of the carwash and car detailing deals. High standard mobile services are available starting from $69 to $79 - now you no longer have to spend $200+ to get a quality

Car Wash Deal Perth

Car Wash Deal Perth is no doubt a huge relief for the residents of Perth who need to wash and clean their vehicles every now and then. The services include vacuuming, professional interior detailing (both for leather and fabric interiors), a flawless boot and spotless waxing which makes car wash deal Perth the perfect opportunity for a fresh clean car. Still thinking about the mirrors and windscreen? Don’t worry; it is also included in the most famous $69 deal. A general misconception leads the mind to believe that deals and packages compromise on the overall quality but the fact of the matter is that car wash deal Perth always offers the highest car wash/cleaning and detailing standards. C

Car Detailing Canning Vale

Car Detailing Canning Vale comes to mind whenever you bring a used car home realising that the car needs some extra TLC, an attractive exterior or you simply want the overall condition of the car upgraded to the highest standard. We are the people who can help! Car Detailing Canning Vale by Refresh offers excellent mobile car detailing services suitable for the vehicle even when you want to sell it and are looking for a better price by ensuring it is showroom condition. Looks and condition matter the most and this is why Car Detailing Canning Vale services are so highly recommended. Whether you are worried about the wheels, or you want the interior brought back to life, whatever the conditi

Pre-Sale Detailing

Pre-Sale Detailing is exactly what Refresh does! In order to get the highest price for your vehicle, you must present it in the best condition! If you need to sell it without getting a Refresh, you'll one hundred percent sell it for less than you would have sold it for if we Refreshed it! Cars for sale on Gumtree often are under sold and take a lot longer to sell because people underestimate the value of presentation. When your car receives a presale detail, it is looking it's best, and the prospective buyer will want it more. Imagine turning up to a job interview without a shower! It's the same thing with when selling your car. For the small investment of a Refresh, you'll most likely sell

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