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Uber App Perth

Uber app Perth, a common search for customers looking for the best car cleaners and detailers that deliver the service straight to you? Yes, we do that at Refresh.

Just like the Uber app, the Refresh app eliminates the daunting task of waiting in a queue. Or worse, a car wash queue on a Sunday morning! Stop getting bored waiting in line for a car cleaner to be available, and download our mobile app! Refresh is the Uber of Car Detailing providing superior service and paying attention to every detail of your car every time.

All you need to do is download our app and make a booking! Our team will ring your doorbell at the earliest possible time that suits you. Unlock your car, sit back and enjoy your favourite TV show while we do all the work.

The Uber App for Perth car detailing is Refresh, anywhere, anytime we are waiting to clean your car!

Book now via our website or Mobile App

Pic: Car Interior

Car interior


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