Refresh Launches in Melbourne!

After successfully detailing 20,000+ vehicles in Perth to become the biggest mobile car cleaning service in WA, Refresh has officially launched in Melbourne! "The app that cleans your car" - "The Uber of Car Detailing" - "Car Details Delivered" are all terms used to describe this amazing service. Featured on Shark Tank in 2018 and receiving 500+ 5 Star Reviews, Refresh is an on-demand service for Melbourne to watch out for. After years of research & development, Refresh has also re-developed their on-demand car detailing apps The new client app (Launched 4th Jan 2019) features a range of updates never seen before in Australia outside of the taxi apps. Even comparing it to the likes of Ube

Drive Through Car Wash Richmond

Drive through car wash in Richmond will let you choose from a variety of car washing options that will lead your car to be cleaned. With the drive through carwash option, it's generally open 24 hours a day where you can give it a quick wash to get you through. At Refresh Car Detailing Richmond VIC, we are able to clean your car, not just on the outside like drive through carwashes, but also on the inside. The biggest difference between Refresh Car Detailing and drive through is the attention to detail, and MASSIVE reduction in surface scratches and damage caused by dirty car wash brushes that rely on force to clean instead of care and technique. Next time you're looking for the closest drive

Carcare Melbourne - Checklist

Carcare is something that must be done frequently, yet it is something that is often overlooked. Carcare isn’t just about carwashing and detailing. To ensure your car lasts a long time and doesn’t break down, we’ve prepared a carcare checklist to help you. Check the fluids: Brake fluid Clutch fluid (manual cars only) Blinker fluid (just kidding) Window wiper fluid Radiator fluid Other things to check to maintain the best carcare in Melbourne: Engine oil Transmission oil Battery acid levels Tyre pressure Tyre tread depth Brake pads & rotors. Cracks in windows Refresh Car Detailing can look after the paintwork with our wash & wax that cleans and protects your car. We can also look after your i

Audi Richmond VIC Car Detailing

Audi Richmond is where you will find the best and most exceptional Audi cars and service centre in Victoria! Audi, one of the premier European car companies, are all unique and require special products and techniques to look after them. It's unfortunate that many car detailing companies know little about these types of cars. Here at Refresh Car Detailing, we provide the best Audi Richmond car detailing service from start to finish, allowing you to sit back and simply admire your Audi once it's been cleaned inside & out to perfection. Why queue up in a long Richmond car wash line to get your Audi washed, when Refresh Car Detailing comes to you home or office! So, when you are in need of you A

Mobile Car Wash Melbourne

Mobile Car Wash companies are the solution to professional results, without the need to spend your time taking your car to the closest Melbourne car wash. Whilst choosing the best mobile car wash in Melbourne, you need to make sure they use environmentally car cleaning products and techniques, and have great client reviews online. Choosing Refresh as your Melbourne Mobile Car Wash company, you can be confident that your car will be cleaned to the highest standard, at your home or work. Since we come to you, you can keep doing working, looking after the children, or enjoying your time off, whilst we perform a mobile car wash to the highest five star quality that we are known for in Melbourne

Car Cleaning Melbourne - Mobile

Car cleaning Melbourne can bring a breath of fresh air to your private/corporate vehicle and can totally transform both the interior and exterior of the car. People don’t have that much free time, sending car cleaning in Melbourne way down the list of things to do. This is when Mobile Car Cleaning wins in Melbourne. Based out of Richmond VIC, Refresh has an industry leading car cleaning service that is second to none on price and convenience. After booking your car to be cleaned in our mobile app, or online, you'll be impress with what follows. Our Signature inside & out car clean includes the cleaning of your wheels and tyres, door jambs, a hand wash & wax that will keep your car cleaner fo

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