Drive Through Car Wash Richmond

Drive through car wash in Richmond will let you choose from a variety of car washing options that will lead your car to be cleaned. With the drive through carwash option, it's generally open 24 hours a day where you can give it a quick wash to get you through.

At Refresh Car Detailing Richmond VIC, we are able to clean your car, not just on the outside like drive through carwashes, but also on the inside. The biggest difference between Refresh Car Detailing and drive through is the attention to detail, and MASSIVE reduction in surface scratches and damage caused by dirty car wash brushes that rely on force to clean instead of care and technique.

Next time you're looking for the closest drive through car wash in Richmond, try booking a Mobile Car Detail instead with Refresh. We have spaces as early as 6am and loyal client discounts for people who need their car washed regularly.

Download our App at Google PlayStore or iTunes by searching ‘Refresh Car Detailing’, Call us on 1300 593 098 or book online at

Pic: Drive Through Car Wash Richmond VIC now uses Refresh Car Detailing

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