Full Exterior Hand Wash & Wax

Our Refresh Wash & Wax allows us to achieve a noticeably deeper, slicker, longer lasting, and vibrant shine on any colour and type of vehicle.

It contains an advanced wax with anti-static technology that repels dirt and dust keeping your car cleaner and shiner for longer, you’ll notice the difference instantly.

Comprehensive Interior Vacuum

We remove your floor mats and use a series of Professional Refresh Detail Brushes. With special techniques we'll remove most debris on your carpet even in the hard to reach areas.


In rare cases of heavy soilage it may require extra time or we can get it 95% at no extra charge.

Interior Trim Wiped & Dressed

Our Refresh Interior Detailer was designed for the most luxury of interiors.

With zero harmful solvents, or sticky silicones, our water-based product will nourish & protect your vinyl, plastic, rubber & leather leaving a deep, long lasting factory shine.


Boot Vacuum

We will brush and vacuum the boot carpet and dress any rubber mats. Just remember to remove any bulky personal items.

In rare cases of heavy soilage it may require extra time or we can get it 95% at no extra charge.


Wheel Clean & Tyre Shine 

Your wheels will be hand cleaned and spray waxed to repel brake dust, keeping them cleaner for longer


Tyres shined with our Refresh Gloss Finish Tyre Shine. A water-based, solvent free, non browning premium product.


$39 X | $49 Refresh io | $69 Signature 





2 Door Ute


$44  X | $59 Refresh io | $79 Signature


4 Door Ute


Family Van

Work Van

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Our Refreshers will always do their best to make your car look its best.

Sometimes your car will require some extra time and love and we can certainly accomodate.

Book your Refresh the normal way, then ask your car detailer for an upgrade when they arrive.

Extra Sand
Extra Pet
Carpet Shampoo
Visitor Parking

The below icons in-app indicate what mode of transport your Refresher will be travelling via.


With our Refreshers on motorbikes, it allows us access hard to perform car cleans in CBD locations without a visitor carpark, and also reduces our carbon footprint.

The Refresh Mobile Detail System has been developed using industry leading techniques, products and equipment sourced from around the world.


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