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Car Wash at Westfield Innaloo

Car wash at Westfield Innaloo is probably the most premium way to clean your car on the go. If by any chance, you are at Westfield Innaloo and if you are wondering if there are any hand car washes around, then Refresh Valet has got your back!

At Refresh Valet, we believe in providing a stellar service, which includes having your car cleaned at a time and a place that suits you! It allows the visitors of Westfield Innaloo to easily access our hand car wash service at the lowest possible rate.

We use the highest quality products that will be gentle but effective on your cars paintwork. All of our car wash services include high tech and quality equipment, although we don’t forget our old friend elbow grease! At Refresh Valet, we are not afraid of doing hard work and we don’t mind getting dirty as long as it means your car has a dazzling shine.

So, feel free to book Refresh Valet at Westfield Innaloo for an expert car wash! Contact us on 1300 593 098. We’ll be right there for you. You can also visit our website ‘’ to book a cleaning schedule or download our app from any iPhone or Android phone searching for ‘Refresh Valet’.

Pic: Range Rover Sport Car Wash by Refresh

Range Rover Sport Car Wash by Refresh


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