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Car Cleaning at Midland Gate.

Getting your car hand cleaned by professionals while you shop must take a massive weight off your shoulders! Midland Gate is a great place for shopping, no doubt, and now there is an added bonus. Now you can easily hand over your keys along with your dirty car to us at Refresh Valet at Midland Gate for the best mobile car detailing experience.

Our expert service will make your car looks brand new! With a perfect dilution ratio, Refresh always tries to reduce the use of chemicals. So, when we are cleaning your car, we are ensuring harmful chemicals do not come into contact with it as well as you and your passengers travelling in your car. With an organised, advanced set of the best car washing equipment like vacuum cleaners, ultra soft microfibre cloths, brushes, wheel cloths, interior cleaning products and tools, pre-soak systems, any much more, we are always here for your car to be detailed at Midland Gate by Refresh Car Detailing.

So, whenever you are in or around Midland Gate and need car cleaning, feel free to call us on 1300 593 098 or download our Uber style app on ‘iTunes’ or ‘Google Play Store’ by searching ‘Refresh Valet’.

Pic: Guy taking picture of his car that has just been cleaned

Guy taking picture of his car that has just been cleaned


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