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Home Car Detailing

The biggest benefit of calling Refresh Mobile Car Detailing is that we come to you, instead of you coming to us! Treating your car to a professional hand detail is the most effective way to make sure your car stays looking it’s best and maintains it’s retail value.

When you’re wanting to sell your car you won’t have to spend hours trying to secure a booking at the car wash to get it back to showroom standards. Here at Refresh, we can save your time and money and get the job done for you while you sit back and relax! You won’t be disappointed!

From just $69 (+$10 SUV/4WD) we can get your car back to looking it’s absolute best before handing it over to it’s new owner.

Just pick up your phone and dial 1300 593 098, we’ll be right there for you. You can also visit our website ‘’ to book or download our Uber style app from any iPhone or Android searching for ‘Refresh Valet’.

Pic: Holden R8 Ute by Refresh

Holden R8 Ute by Refresh


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