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Pre-Sale Detailing

Pre-Sale Detailing is exactly what Refresh does! In order to get the highest price for your vehicle, you must present it in the best condition! If you need to sell it without getting a Refresh, you'll one hundred percent sell it for less than you would have sold it for if we Refreshed it!

Cars for sale on Gumtree often are under sold and take a lot longer to sell because people underestimate the value of presentation. When your car receives a presale detail, it is looking it's best, and the prospective buyer will want it more. Imagine turning up to a job interview without a shower! It's the same thing with when selling your car.

For the small investment of a Refresh, you'll most likely sell it for more, it basically pays for itself. AND, if there are similar cars available for a similar price, nine times out of ten if you get a pre-sale detail on your vehicle with Refresh, yours will stand out from the crowd. Our Mobile Pre-Sale detail is so good that it will stand out from the crowd even compared to dealerships! Refresh applies attention and care to each detail vs a quick spruce up at a dealership as they focus on quantity, not quality.

Add value to your vehicle with Refresh Pre-Sale Detailing - we don't charge a crazy premium just to name it Presale Detailing, we will bring your car back to an amazing condition with our Signature Detail with is our Pre-Sale Detail - you'll be amazed at the value!

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Pic: Range Rover Presale Detailing

Range Rover Presale Detailing


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