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Office Bookings & Fleet Carwashes

Refresh Mobile Car Detailing will take care of your large fleet/group/office/work regular car washing needs.

We have various options that can be tailored to your needs.

Refresh Fleet car cleaning bookings will ensure you will ensure you save money time, and provide your cars with amazingly clean vehicles, every time.

Thanks to our highly advanced carwash formulas and techniques, you might even find your fleet vehicles stay clear for longer! That means a better brand image for your clients and prospect, and it's as easy as unlocking your car 1-6 weeks, and Refresh takes care of the rest.

Refresh is Australia's most reviewed car detailing company with close to 300 5 star reviews on Facebook. For a quality result every time, book your next fleet carwash in with Refresh Valet Today.

Call us on 1300 593 098 to discuss your custom fleet solution or email us at


Harrison @ Refresh

Pic: Group, Fleet & Office bookings by Refresh Car Detailing

Group, Fleet & Office bookings by Refresh Car Detailing


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