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Ikea Innaloo

Spend much time at Ikea Innaloo? Why not let us clean your car while you explore all the bargains.

Refresh always comes to you, including the Ikea Innaloo car park. Refresh is known for its outstanding service, if you love your car let us pamper it while you shop, we pride ourselves on giving our customers the best possible service available.

Refresh provides the best quality hand car wash in Perth, in and around the Ikea Innaloo area.

We can clean your car seven days a week and we always bring our own supplies, including water and electricity.

We have a large customer base in Perth with over 200 five star reviews on face book!

For a trusted car wash service around the Ikea Innaloo area, please contact Refresh today.

Pic: Who Loves Q7's?!



audi q7


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