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Hand Car Wash Perth

Hand Car Wash Perth is where people normally go to wash their car. Refresh car detailing offers the hand car wash service PLUS added convenience, value, and quality.

Starting from the interior, your coupe, car, sedan, SUV or 4WD will receive a comprehensive interior car clean including a boot vacuum, and door jamb detail, followed by a hand wash with the best car cleaning products, and a hand wax and microfibre polish – you’ll be more satisfied than a hand car wash in Perth… guaranteed!

For all those busy people out there who are on the road often or, have children, you may require a car wash frequently but cannot afford to invest so much in regular hand carwashes in Perth… Refresh Valet has the solution! We offer year round Hand Car Wash Perth deals making it feasible for everyone in Perth to ensure their car stays clean, by only investing a little… talk about value!

If you love your car then you definitely cannot watch it remain in a dirty condition, nor will others like it either! Just choose our professional hand car wash Perth team for spotless cleaning, washing and detailing, every time. Every aspect of the hand car wash experience has been designed to ensure we achieve even the minor details with excellence so you remain as a loyal client for life - see for yourself today!

Book online, call our 1300 number or download our Uber style car detailing app to book instantly!


Pic: VW Golf Hand Car Wash Perth

VW Golf Hand Car Wash Perth


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