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Eco Car Wash

Eco car wash is the choice Refresh makes as it works to deliver the best quality car cleaning and detail services right to your doorstep. We understand our responsibility towards the environment and we intend to play our role and put our best foot forward.

For this very reason, we opt for an Eco Car Wash, applying only 1 cup of water and using rechargeable batteries, which work on low power consumption. Saving five million litres of water this year alone is something that we are very proud of.

Refresh is the only car detailer in WA that are approved by The Water Corporation. We prioritise the best interests of our clients as well as Mother Nature, and that’s why we offer the best quality Eco Car Wash service available.

Book your favourite Eco Friendly Carwash service by calling 1300 593 098 or booking online!

Pic: Refresh Mobile Car Detailing Uber Style App

Refresh Mobile Car Detailing Uber Style App


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