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Car Wash Malaga WA

Car Wash Malaga WA by Refresh provides professional mobile car detailing that is super convenient and offers the best value car wash solution in Malaga.

Maximum customer satisfaction is our goal and we reach new levels through an emphasis on quality control and customer service allowing owners to stay relaxed at their home or office because all vehicles are in the safe hands of Refresh Car Wash Malaga WA.

If you are looking for eco friendly car detailing, then there is nothing better than Refresh Valet as we host some of the finest car detailers, products and systems in Perth.

Professionals at Refresh Car Wash Malaga WA are known for their dedication and focus. When it comes to car wash and cleaning, one has to admit that a car washed and cleaned by Refresh remains extra spotless for weeks.

Book a Refresh today! Call us on 1300 593 098 or book through our Uber style apps by searching “Refresh” in the app stores.

Pic: Lexus Car Wash Malaga Perth Refresh Valet

Lexus Car Wash Malaga Perth Refresh Valet


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