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Car Wash Deals Perth

Refresh Car Wash Deals Perth make is easy for car owners to save some money because premium car wash services are now available at every day prices, all year round!

There are lots of Car Wash Deals Perth out there but you don’t want to waste money at cheap car washes that aren’t packed with value so you have to go somewhere else to finish the job!

At Refresh, we offer an all year round car wash deal - thorough cleaning and car wash is available at $59. (when you repeat with us every 6 weeks or less). You’d often compare that to a premium detail elsewhere ranging from $99 - $299!

It includes exterior wash and wax, a comprehensive interior vacuum, the interior detailed and dressed, windows cleaned, tyres shined, and a free air freshener! You’ll be amazed at the value! For large vehicles, Car Wash Deals Perth are extended to $69 (when you repeat with us every 6 weeks or less),

You can now afford to keep your car clean all year round thanks to Car Wash Deals Perth offered by Refresh.

What are you waiting for? Just book instantly, enjoy your day, and enjoy clean car all year round thanks to Refresh Valet!

Pic: Holden Car Wash Deals Perth

Holden Car Wash Deals Perth


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