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Car Wash Carousel

Car Wash Carousel by Refresh, the name is best known for its quick, efficient and modern car wash techniques, leaving the clients and their vehicles falling in love with each other. Here your car is going to enjoy the smoothest car washing & detailing experience.

Car Wash Carousel boasts spotless washing from the outside and accurate cleaning of the inside of the vehicle. Car Wash Carousel by Refresh also utilises the expensive and latest equipment available in the car washing and detailing industry. Here, the generic products are avoided and nothing is trusted but the safest, water based & environmentally friendly detailing products.

Refresh for a Car Wash in Carousel is the perfect choice to bring your vehicle back to life or maintain it to the highest spec.

What are you waiting for? Book now using our iPhone or Android apps!

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Pic: Toyota 86 Detail Car Wash Carousel

Toyota 86 Detail Car Wash Carousel


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