Car Wash at Galleria Morley

A car wash isn’t the easiest job to do on your own. Aside from that, it can be costly and also takes up a lot of your spare time that could be better spent elsewhere. So here at Refresh we want to give you one less thing to worry about. Park up at Galleria Shopping Centre, Morley, and we will take care of your dirty car while you shop making sure you drive home with a smile on your face!

The best way we like to guarantee the perfect glistening shine when washing your car is to use the highest quality modern equipment and techniques. Using the same old sponge and water just isn’t enough! That’s why we, at Refresh Mobile Car Detailing, only use highly advanced car wash formulas in the most efficient way. All of our products are water based with zero solvents, biodegradable and have zero consumables and zero run off into drains!

So why wait? Whenever you come to Perth or Morley to browse the shops, make sure you call us on 1300 593 098 to secure your booking! Make sure your car stands out from the crowd in the car park for all the right reasons. Pick up your Android or iPhone and go to Google PlayStore or iTunes and search for “Refresh Valet” for the best car wash experience you can ever imagine!

Pic: Couple having a laugh on us this summer! Save time with Refresh Car Detailing



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