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Car Detailing Tapping

Car Detailing Tapping $69 deal is no less than a blessing for the residents around Tapping.

Taking the car out for a long drive or a trip may end up in a dusty, tired exterior and if it is a family trip, the interior is definitely going to need some professional detailing attention. Whenever and wherever you need our car detailers to attend to your vehicle, the best car detail in Perth is here… and you will love it when you choose our car detailing Tapping $69 deal.

The services include the highest standard of leather and interior cleaning, dash dressing, mirror and glass cleaning, hand washing and waxing, amongst a long list of inclusions that can be found on our website

There is nothing you could ask more from car detailing Tapping for $69 - book today and see for yourself!

Call us on 1300 593 098

Or download our Uber style apps by searching “Refresh Valet” in Google Play or iTunes today.

Pic: Toyota Car Detailing Tapping

Toyota Car Detailing Tapping


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