Car Cleaning Belmont

Car Cleaning Belmont by Refresh takes the auto cleaning industry to high standards. It is not just about removing the dust, or vacuuming out the odd crumbs, it includes, advanced detailing techniques and the latest car interior cleaning tools.

Car Cleaning Belmont by Refresh is known for raising the bar in the car cleaning industry, first Perth, soon Australia. No need to worry about the current state of your vehicle, we have the best car cleaners waiting to accept your request.

In no time at all our car cleaning professionals in Perth will turn your vehicle into a whole new car! Car Cleaning Belmont by Refresh boasts the use of bio-degradable neutral pH car detailing products.

From Toyotas to Lamborghinis, our car detailing tools when detailing your car are safe on every aspect of your paint, interior, windows and wheels.

For the best car care option around, residents of Belmont can contact Refresh on 1300 593 098 or download our app to book instantly…an Australian first!

Pic: Car Cleaning Belmont by Refresh - Audi S5



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