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Best Car Cleaning Service at Cockburn Gateway

Car Cleaning is a must to keep your car in the perfect shape, inside and out! Every wash should include a touch of TLC, and only then will your beloved car have that desired shine. When you are in the Cockburn Gateway area and in need of a car cleaning service then Refresh Valet is here for you from Monday to Sunday!

No matter rain or shine, your car will smile with you. Just book in with Refresh and we will come to you for a complete car detailing service that includes a full exterior hand wash and wax and much more! Don’t waste your weekend away in line at the car wash, book Refresh Mobile Car Detailing and you’ll save time and money!

Now please let us tell you how we stand out from the crowd. We use a highly advanced car wash formula that safely cleans and protects your car which is also biodegradable. We use soft microfibre Refresh branded cloths instead of brushes while cleaning your car. That’s how we can gently and perfectly bring your car back to showroom standards. Harmful car wash scratches from dirty water trays and stone filled sponges are a thing of the past.

So, whether you live or work near to Cockburn Gateway, just pick up your phone and dial 1300 593 098. We’ll be right there to clean your car. You can also visit our website ‘’ to book or download our Uber style app on any iPhone or Android by searching ‘Refresh Valet’ in those app stores.

Pic: New CLA finished with our Refresh Wash & Wax


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