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Car Cleaning Perth

Car cleaning Perth is not always a simple of fun task these days because there are so many things to consider, so many products to purchase, and often it becomes more expensive and becomes very time consuming to ensure your car is cleaned in a professional manner when doing it yourself.

Car cleaning specialists - Refresh Valet - are proud to offer the latest technology, products and techniques to ensure a professional result every time. Not to mention a price that is impossible to beat, making it not even worth your time to clean your car yourself!

Car Cleaning Perth by Refresh Mobile Car Detailing is done with care because a bad car wash can make or break the value of the car when it is not done correctly! We use the best wash and wax for your car – Refresh Wash and Wax – to ensure the best finish both in looks and protection. To Refresh Mobile Car Cleaning, we treat your vehicle as important as any one of the family members at your home, so you can be confident it will be cleaned amazingly well!

Do not leave the task of car cleaning to the last minute, only to hand it over to any old car wash out there, trust Refresh Car Detailing Perth with your car for the best cleaning company in Perth.

How do you book a car clean? It’s super easy! You have three options, phone, online or in-app.

Call us on 1300 593 098 or, visit or, search Refresh Valet in the iTunes or Google Play app stores and download our Uber style mobile app!

Stop waiting in line at hand carwashes in Perth, and discover the difference today!

Pic: Go fast GTI Golf Car Cleaning Perth - Refresh Loves our black cars! Instagram:

Go fast GTI Golf Car Cleaning Perth

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