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VIDEO: Refresh Has Changed Car Washing in Australia Forever.

Keep your car looking brand new from only two dollars a day. Book now using our iPhone/Android apps and a mobile car detailer will be en-route in minutes*.

Visit to learn more about Refresh Mobile Car Detailing!

*Based on availability in your area.

Youtube Mobile Car Detailing Transcript:

Hi. I’m Harrison. Founder of What is

Well, for a two dollars a day, we send a professional, mobile car detailer, right to your door.

Yeah, two dollars a day. Are our details any good? Na… Our details are F*** Great.

Each detail is hand crafted using industry leading techniques and environmentally friendly products.

They’re so good, that even your mother-in-law would be impressed.

And do you really think your car needs A Balinese back massage, A Lemon Detox Diet, 10 rinses, And a free muffin? Your old mate Henry Ford over here invented cars, he didn’t even get a free muffin with his car wash.

Stop paying for carwash things you don’t need, and stop forgetting to clean your car every month. Our detailers have their phones charged up, and are awaiting to accept your request.

We’re not just detailing cars and saving the environment, we’re also creating new jobs too. Hey Guri, What were you doing last month? Nothing. What are you doing now? Working. Exactly. I’m no Nat Fyfe, but this business kicks goals.

All you need to decide is what you’re going to do with all the time and money we save you. We are and the car detailing party, is on.

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