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The Best Wash and Wax

The best Wash & Wax to clean your car is here! Not all Wash & Wax is created equal and for the first time we are selling our professional line of detailing products to the public! Click here to visit our online store:

*The Official Product of Refresh Mobile Car Detailing.*

Our specially formulated wash & wax allows you to clean your car without water, scratch free & streak free with amazing results.

Achieve a noticeably deeper, slicker, longer lasting, and vibrant shine on any colour and type of vehicle.

You’ll clean your car FASTER than using a hose and bucket with BETTER result.

You can literally clean your car anywhere... and we do! Refresh Mobile Car Detailing has tested and proven this product day in and out here in Australia & it was simply too good not to share!

Uniquely formulated with special lubricants and waxes to safely encapsulate and lift the dirt and grime away from the surface of your vehicle leaving behind a protective layer of wax that will shine and protect second to none.

Refresh Wash & Wax contains an advanced wax with Anti Static Technology that repels dirt and dust keeping your car cleaner and shiner for longer, you’ll notice the difference instantly.

Simply spray, wipe, polish... it's that easy!

Throw away the bucket, stop searching for a hose, and discover the difference today!

Why How and What is "Waterless"?:

If you’re new to this technique, “waterless” car cleaning isn’t exactly waterless “waterless”, nor will it scratch your car. The truth is, it still contains water…it’s just a more advanced formula, used in a more efficient way.

When washing your car the traditional hose and bucket way, 175 litres of water ends up on the ground and in the drains, never even touching your car.

The water that is left on your paintwork is simply that, water. Water isn’t a lubricant but, our Refresh Waterless Wash & Wax is.

By the time you are halfway through cleaning your car, a dirty sponge with dirty water is then applied to the surface creating micro swirl marks. The difference is, Refresh Wash & Wax is freshly applied to each surface and every wipe is done with a clean, soft, microfiber cloth. You will quickly notice that this method achieves a better result, in less time.

The carwash hasn’t been developed further since the 80’s, until now!

Discover the difference for yourself today!

Refresh Waterless Wash & Wax Features:

(Refresh Microfibre Cloths are highly recommended to achieve these results)

*Zero setup time and less mess vs hoses and buckets.

*Can be used in direct sunlight

*Works on clear coat and two pack single stage painted cars.

*Allows you to clean your car faster the second time onwards as the wax creates a protective barrier on the surface.

*Save 175L with every wash

*Very versatile detailer- cleans paintwork, plastics, trim, wheels, aluminium, stainless steel and more without harmful chemicals or running water!

Leaves a showroom finish every time on your car, SUV, 4WD, Motorcycle, Truck, Caravan, Boat or even your Bicycle!

*Can be used on glass except for windshield (however we recommend Refresh Glass Cleaner for glass)

*Paint Restoring capabilities:

Will remove:

Light hard water stains

A number of surface contaminants

Minor scratches and swirls

*High surface water beading

*Non-greasy or oily

*Environmentally Friendly


*Water Based

*Solvent Free*

Anti Allergy


One bottle will clean 3-4 medium sized cars

Always pre-rinse muddy vehicles.

Not for use on matte paint or vinyl (Use our Refresh Waterless Matte Detailer)

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The Best Wash & Wax - Refresh Mobile Car Detailing

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