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Refresh Your Car With an App

Here's a write up about Refresh by Ghacklabs! Jump on their site today for great tech articles!

As I sat there in my apartment procrastinating on the thought of cleaning my car, I ran through the possible options in my head and wished there was a better way.

Car cleaning is one of those things like putting the rubbish out, the longer you leave it, the worse it gets but when you do do it, you feel like you’ve just won the AFL Grand Final.

Jumping onto Google returned endless carwash results with a huge range of pricing, inconsistent customer reviews, and sparse locations I could drive my car to.

People don’t have a couple hours spare to drive across town only to wait in line at a car wash for an undisclosed period of time.

So, I searched for mobile car detailers before I realised I didn’t have access to power and water at my work or apartment complex, and for the price, I’d soon leave my car dirty and take the other half to the finest restaurant in town!

And then I found it … Refresh Car Detailing. All you need to do is download the app and with a few clicks, a detailer is on their way.

Mobile Car Detailing App

Everyone’s familiar with Uber. Uber provides a better, more convenient service, for less. Refresh is simply the Uber of Car Cleaning.

The carwash market in Australia is worth $530m per year but only $81m is currently spent at hand carwashes and with detailers. What about the other $449m part of the market? Refresh aims to capture this market by solving the time and price objections hand carwashes and detailers have created to date.

Currently, Magic Hand Carwash dominates 50% of the hand car wash & detailing market. Their in-house details are generally more expensive than Refresh and you have to wait there. But, you often do get a free coffee!

Refresh was founded by Harrison Lingard (Marketing & IT).

Harrison always wanted to create an app. Ideas were thrown around for months until Harrison realised that everyone has a car, no one likes to clean it, and it costs too much for mobile car detailers. Given that cars were always a passion for both, Refresh was born.

Harrison raised and loaned as much capital as they could. With every cent earned, put that straight back into the company to pay for things like equipment, marketing, and general operational expenses.

The business is now at a point where it is able to fund its own growth and the expansion phase is well under way.

Refresh plans to create new jobs and save water across every state in Australia followed by an international launch to select states they’ve identified in the USA.

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