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Why is Car Detailing So Expensive?

Why is car detailing so expensive - A frequently asked question around Perth.

Most detailers tend to offer various levels of details where you can select more or less options, but to get what you want it is normally rather expensive.

It is also quite common for people to walk out of a Perth hand carwash wondering, why is car detailing so expensive? Refresh Mobile Car Detailing is an on-demand mobile car detailer that doesn’t require the client’s power or water and they use premium environment-friendly products. This combined with their detailers being trained to a high standard reduced the time it takes to detail your car, thus reducing the price.

Previously, car detailing was expensive, now, Refresh Mobile Car Detailing is able to offer quality services at an economical rate of only $59. We do our best to meet your expectations in quality as well as price. Even if you have an SUV or 4WD, you would never ask us the reason for “why is car detailing so expensive?” as it’s only an extra $10.

So what are you waiting for? Just think of Refresh as the Uber of Car Cleaning.

Download the app and give Refresh a try today!


Pic: Fiat Mobile Car Cleaning Perth


Fiat Mobile Car Cleaning Perth

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