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The FIRST On-Demand Mobile Car Detail in Australia!

The FIRST On-Demand Mobile Car Detail in Australia was completed by Refresh Perth this morning!

First there was On Demand for Taxi's, now Refresh brings you On Demand for Car Detailing Download our On-Demand Apps now!



It's a huge day for car detailing in Australia, I'm currently driving to meet Kara, the first person to use Refresh On-Demand. G'day Luke! How you going!? Luke's one of our qualified Refresh Valet Automotive Detailers. He's making this little Hyundai look a million dollars. Tony actually requested the Refresh on behalf of his sister. The first Refresh in history, how does it feel? It feels really good, I mean, I've just had a look at the car and it looks really nice on the inside, it's the best I've actually seen the car & she's owned it since brand new so I'm really really happy about how it's coming up. Perfect. Well thank you once again, we appreciate the business.

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