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Jim’s Car Detailing

Jim’s Car Detailing is a popular name in Australia’s auto detailing industry. Several branches across the country offer car cleaning/wash/detailing services, credit to the experience and professionalism of trained and equipped staff.

Jim’s Car Detailing enjoys the recognition of winning a national award for it's services. Jim’s Car Detailing services feature the following:

• Truck cleaning

• Car cleaning

• Commercial car cleaning

• Car fabric protection

• Cut & Polish

• Car wash

Since you are familiar with mobile car detailing by Jim’s, how about you choose Refresh Car Detailing for your next detail.

Our service is very convenient, extremely well priced, our detailers our highly trained, and you can book instantly over the phone or on our mobile apps.

Discover the difference for yourself today!

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Pic: Car Detailing Perth - Refresh Valet - Jeep Cherokee

Car Detailing Perth - Refresh Valet - Jeep Cherokee


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