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Car Wash For Uber Cars

Having a clean car is a must when you’re an Uber driver. Constantly being on the road can take a toll on your car, inside and out! At Refresh, not only do we give your car the extra attention it needs to ensure your passengers have the best journey, we also offer the added bonus of having your car refreshed at a time and place that suits you!

With an Uber car that’s gleaming from the inside out, it’s guaranteed your client satisfaction will go through the roof, and with good reason too!

Refresh Car Detailing is offering Uber drivers attractive loyal client discounts and the best service. No matter what the weather is like outside, no matter how dirty you car is, we are ready to dive in and get the job done! We offer a full-service hand car wash experience that helps you and your car to maintain that desired shine for longer!

So why are you waiting? Get your Uber car booked in today and we will bring our Mobile Car Detailing service to you! Call 1300 593 098 or download our Uber style app by searching “Refresh Valet” in Google Play or iTunes today.

Pic: Range Rover Car Wash for Uber

Range Rover Car Wash for Uber Cars


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