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Car Detailing Products Perth WA

You want the best for your car? You've got a new BMW, Audi, Porsche, or simply a car you car about and are worried what products will harm your car and what products won't? You're also wondering what products car detailers use and if they all use the same ones? Well, if you're looking for car detailing products in Perth you should read this!

A lot of the consumer products you buy off the shelf at the nearest Repco, Autobarn or Supercheap Auto often contain silicones, and solvents that are harmful to your interior and exterior!

Mobile Car Detailers in Perth WA, and Hand Carwashes in Perth WA buy these harmful Car detailing products in Perth in bulk to save costs, then dilute it even further to save costs...

What does this mean for you and what should you be aware of?

Solvent based silicone tyre shines actually open up the pores of your rubber and can void the manufacturers warranty because this stuff will make your tyres go hard and brittle in the long run... It also gets into your brake calipers and you cannot remove it without fully dismantling them - that's why you'll never see these products at a race track as it reduces tyre and brake performance and can be dangerous.

Same goes for your interior... Putting silicone based products on the dashboard, door cards and leather seats... they all will shine up quickly, but long term it seals the porous plastic/rubber/vinyl it was put on and makes it crack and go brittle.

Exterior wash and wax diluted too much will simply end up with your car being washed with water... not a bad thought right? Water isn't a lubricant and you need lubricant to remove the surface grime safely.

Make sure you check the product labels before you buy the products and ask twice what's going on your pride and joy at the local hand carwash in Perth WA.

The Refresh Valet Detail Line is water based, bio-degradable and free of harmful silicones and solvents. Just because our mobile car details in Perth are only $59 & $69, doesn't mean we've cut corners to bring you that competitive service!

Photo: BMW 3 Series - Mobile Car Cleaning in Perth by Refresh Valet - Instagram

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